Clarification of Club Dress Code

Due to matters arising at the recent agm it was felt necessary to re-iterate the fact that the club does operate a dress code policy the details of which are displayed at various points including the starter hut and web site. May we remind ALL members it is their responsibility to adhere to these rules and to politely challenge any player on the course in breech of the dress code. In order to keep to the standards that we expect it is the duty of ALL members (not just committee men) to help enforce this policy. Thanks in anticipation of your co-operation in this matter.

Hope Golf Club Dress Code 2012 onwards.

In the interest of maintaining reasonable standards of dress Hope Works Golf Club request that all members and visitors comply with the following dress code policies and restrictions:

  • Shirts MUST have a collar
  • Please wear shirt inside trousers
  • Sorts MUST be tailored and mid-thigh length
  • Knee-length socks or white ankle-length sports socks/trainer socks
  • NO Denim, track-suits or jogging suits
  • Golf shoes only please, no trainers

It is the responsibility of ALL members to observe and enforce the above code, where common sense prevails.

Persons not complying may be asked to leave the course or premises.