A message from the President

Our Club,  Was founded with the active encouragement of Sir George Earle who believed that the social life of his employees was essential to their well-being.

Originally the works provided a tennis club, cricket pitch and two football pitches. Now, with employee numbers much reduced a bowling green and Golf Course remain.

Over the years our course has been reconfigured to make way for the vast changes in the manufacturing process so that today,  coupled with the active support of volunteer’s who manage its affairs – we now have a well maintained course with neat fairways and fine putting surfaces.

It is a golf course that rewards the player who can range shots from the tee with accuracy, although the ‘big hitters’ have several opportunities to open their shoulders. At week ends and in the evenings our Clubhouse is open as a nineteenth hole and during the day really tasty and value for money refreshments can be purchased in the canteen.

Our Club night is on Tuesdays and Sunday mornings are also set aside for competitions.

Visitors are welcome at any other time, we depend on their honesty to pay the greens fee. The collection box is in the starter , So do visit us if you can, you will be surprised by the setting next to one of the largest Cement Manufacturing complexes in the country

I am sure that you will be impressed with what we have to offer.

Bernard Eyre


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