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A course for all abilities

Situated within the grounds of Hope Cement, this fantastic golf course is fairly challenging and has a number of interesting holes which will provide an enjoyable test of golf for players of all abilities.

The holes

Course rules

Local Rules

  1. Plugged balls that are not on the fairway may be lifted and dropped (you may not clean your ball) this rule only applicable if “preferred lies” in operation.
  2. If your ball strikes any telegraph pole or wire attached to pole you must replay your shot without penalty

Out of Bounds

  1. Tennis Court
  2. Bowling Green
  3. Over the boundary fence on the 2nd/3rd hole
  4. The Shale road separating the 3rd, 4th and 6th holes (except where defined otherwise on the 3rd hole)
  5. The Shale road to the left of the 5th and 8th hole
  6. Concrete path surrounding the works club
  7. The road behind the 18th green
  8. Internal out of bounds to the left of the staked line on the left hand side of the 18th fairway


  1. Any path or road other than defined above
  2. Area of trees protecting bowling green
  3. Line of sight drop from all telegraph poles

Etiquette and Safety

  1. Marking your card :- please mark your card on the next tee, not on the green you have just holed out on
  2. If the group ahead of you are more than one hole in front then you need to speed up or wave the group behind you through
  3. If a group is on the 7th/16th tee and they have waited for you all to play onto the 1st green then please be courteous and step aside and allow them to tee off
  4. Please use all warning bells, they are there for YOUR safety
  5. Slow play can and will be penalised at the discretion of the committee in accordance with rule 6.3a



1 & 10


Straight with a little water

Par 4 - 300 Yards
2 & 11

Down 'th Mill

Watch the out of bounds left

Par 4 - 345 Yards
3 & 12

Clowie's Corner

A testing right hand dog leg

Par 4 - 315 Yards
4 & 13

Fred's Folly

A good shot needed over the water

Par 3 - 187 Yards
5 & 14

Robbo's Rumble

Keep it on the fairway and out of the woods

Par 4 - 338 Yards
6 & 15

Wilsons Wish

Get past the mound and you're in the open

Par 4 - 334 Yards
7 & 16

Back o 'T' Wood

This one looks longer than it is

Par 4 - 335 Yards
8 & 17

Boot Hill

A very tight hole, keep it on the fairway and out of the trees

Par 3 - 188 Yards

Birdie Chance

Get a good drive away over this wide fairway

Par 4 - 326 Yards

To the Club

Avoid the out of bounds left

Par 4 - 347 Yards

Course dress code

In the interest of maintaining reasonable standards of dress Hope Works Golf Club request that all members and visitors comply with the following dress code policies and restrictions:


  • Recognised Golfing Attire
  • NO Denim, track-suits or jogging suits
  • Golf shoes only please, no trainers

It is the responsibility of ALL members to observe and enforce the above code, where common sense prevails.

Persons not complying may be asked to leave the course or premises.


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