Electronic Booking of Competition Times

All members wishing to play in competition’s on Sunday’s and Tuesday’s must book tee times on the howdidido app.
This gives everyone a change to get a game rather than just turning up and waiting, hoping someone else turns up to play and mark your card.
Any other day just turn up and play.
Members are allowed to play on Sundays if not in competition but please allow those members playing in competition to play thru.


HowDidiDo – Notes

  • Once you are registered you will be able to log in either on the website or the mobile app (Android / iOS)
  • When logged in click on ‘booking‘ which will open the list of forthcoming comps
  • Open the competition you are interested in
  • Choose a tee time (you will also be able to sign up other members to tee off at the tee time you have chosen only)

Due to so many people in the club having access to online services at home or on the go the Club will not be providing a device to enable booking from the clubhouse since it would be an unnecessary cost. We believe that since HowDidiDo can be accessed from a PC, tablet or mobile phone that there is far more convenience to being able to do this from the comfort and convenience of your own devices. Any member who doesn’t have access to these devices can ask another member to sign them up to play with them.

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