Back o ‘T’ Wood

Back o 'T' Wood

Hole #7 & 16
Par 4 351 Yards SI 3 & 10

Back o 'T' Wood

Hole 7 is the longest on the course and has a slight dogleg left. Aim to the right of the big tree and the left of the first green avoiding the diagonal stream at about 150 yards. A good drive should leave with a medium iron into the flat green. Hole 16 is the same as Hole 7 from a slightly easier tee, taking out the dogleg.

Tee Box Yardage

White = 351 Yellow = 349 Red = 349

Long Fairway

This fairway does feel quite long and has a slight dogleg to the left


One to worry you half way down the fairway near the trees and a second near the green

Water Hazards

A stream running through the line of the fairway


Geta copy of the scorecard

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