Boot Hill

Boot Hill

Hole #8 & 17
Par 3 188 Yards SI 6 & 4

Boot Hill

This hole is aptly named as it has been the final resting place of many a good medal card. This has to be one of the hardest Par 3 greens to hit in golf. There are trees to both the left and right of the fairway and a pond to the rear. To make matters worse the postage stamp sized green slopes down from left to right. A par here is a very satisfying result.

Tee Box Yardage

White = 188 Yellow = 260 Red = 260


Short and bends around to the right sloping off away from the hole


None to worry about on this hole unless you stray back into the 7th fairway

Water Hazards

None to worry about here


Geta copy of the scorecard

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