Fred’s Folly

Fred's Folly

Hole #4 & 13
Par 3 187 Yards SI 5 & 17

Fred's Folly

This is a difficult and long par 3 with danger lurking for any under hit tee shots in the form of a pond directly in front and trees to the left. If you don’t hit the green, missing to the right will give you the best chance of saving par. Hole 13 (Freds Folly) Played from a lower level than Hole 4 this tee shot is far less intimidating but with the same dangers as Hole 4.

Tee Box Yardage

White = 187 Yellow = 179 Red = 179


A short fairway over the water and on to the green


A sneaky bunker off to the back right hand side of the green could make par a challenge

Water Hazards

A great big pond in front of the fairway is a must to avoid with your tee shot


Geta copy of the scorecard

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