To the Club

To the Club

Hole #18
Par 4 347 Yards SI 9

To the Club

This hole has ruined many a good medal card. Aim out to the right off the tee as out of bounds is situated along the tree line to the left of the fairway. A good drive will leave you a mid iron into the green, but danger lurks in the form of scrubland to the right, the clubhouse to the left and out of bounds to the rear. A closing par is always considered a good result on this hole.

Tee Box Yardage

White = 347 Yellow = 310 Red = 310

Long Fairway

A good straight fairway which opens out to the right hand side but mind the rough


One to watch out for as you pass over the stream

Water Hazards

A stream running across the centre of the fairway needs to be avoided


Geta copy of the scorecard

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