Wilsons Wish

Wilson's Wish

Hole #6 & 15
Par 4 334 Yards SI 7 & 8

Wilson's Wish

The ability to hit the ball long takes out a lot of the danger on this hole. Anything hit under 220 yards (unless you are very straight) leaves you blocked out for your second shot. A large, inviting and raised green makes birdie a possibility and par realistic.

Tee Box Yardage

White = 334 Yellow = 311 Red = 311

Long Fairway

Long and straight opening out as you get beyond the mound of trees but be mindful of the tress either side of the fairway


None to worry about on this hole

Water Hazards

None to worry about on this hole (unless you hook it into the ponds)


Geta copy of the scorecard

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