Ladies Section

We are trying to increase the size of our ladies section this year. In an attempt to encourage more ladies to join our club we teamed up with Derbyshire Golf and Women and Girls into Golf initiative. A series of six one-hour taster sessions were funded by Derbyshire Golf and Robbie Bennett worked with a group of ladies, introducing them to the basics of the game. We hope to be able to run more taster sessions later in the year.

Thank you Robbie for your efforts and thank you ladies for making it worthwhile.

We are hoping to be able to improve the facilities for lady members too before the end of the season with access to toilets and changing facilities.

Some of our lady members have been able to get handicaps this year, thank you Harold for doing this. We hope to get the ladies red tees measured this year too, so handicaps will hopefully become easier.

Driver lessons
Driver lessons


  1. Helen Thurlby

    Hope much is it for ladies to join the golf club ?

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