Renewal night 2015

The renewal night is Tuesday 17th February 2015, the renewal form (will be sent via works too to members who have renewed welfare) and a the welfare form for those who might not have renewed welfare yet can be downloaded by clicking the links. The renewal form shows last year’s membership rates but these might be subject to change at the Welfare Committee meeting on 26th January 2015.

Quite a few handicaps have lapsed and will need to be renewed if members want to play in the knock out competitions. 3 qualifying cards will be required to renew handicaps and there are enough qualifying matches before the first round of knock outs have to be completed. Bill Cullen will post the names of those with lapsed handicaps in the starter hut.

I am pleased to announce that we have managed to secure 2 additional inter-club matches with Avro, home and away, and these matches will be mixed matches (8 mixed pairs), greensome format.

AGM minutes will be posted on the website for members to view the discussions that took place about proposed course improvements and extension. We will be moving forward with the improvements throughout the coming year. Work will commence on the course extension  feasibility study and a sub-committee has been established to lead on this work.

The course remains in good condition, if a little wet in places, and the coming year promises to see it flourish.

I would like to ask members to bring family and friends along to play this season with the hope that we can attract new members, we have been set a target at the AGM to increase the membership this year to at least 200. We need an additional 30 to 40 members to show the Welfare Committee we are  committed to the development of the course.

I look forward to seeing members, new and old, at the renewal evening.

Thank you.

Andy Sleight

Download your golf membership renewal form

Download your works welfare renewal form

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