Secretarys introduction

I would like to start the season by welcoming back all our existing club members and saying welcome to all the new members who have joined us. I know our new Captain and his Vice are keen to extend the news of our great club to wider audiences through advertisement and I hope this brings many new members. Personally, I would like to see our ladies section developed with more members, a committee and ladies competitions, its long overdue. Harold Cushway is working to get the ladies handicaps sorted and hopefully we will see them in some form of competitions soon. The ladies locker room has been measured for lockers, 8 in total, and the quote has gone to the Welfare Committee. I have asked for a new door to be fitted so hopefully you will be able to use the toilet soon ladies!

The Golf England initiative, Women and Girls into Golf has commenced and 10 ladies attended the first session. Hopefully more will attend the next session on 5th June, I will make sure that there are some welfare and club membership application forms and hopefully our ladies section will start to grow.

The course has seen some huge improvements over the last two years and we have plans to develop it futher in the coming years but need a healthy membership, participating in events and competitions to demonstrate we are an ongoing viable club.

It is worth adding at this point that the intervention of Hope Construction Materials has allowed some significant improvements to be made to the course. The new bridges, tee boxes, yardage markers, flags and bins have all added to the improvements. Popes have managed the greens magnificently and I’m sure you will all agree that the course is generally in good shape.

Andy Sleight


  1. Mick Mattia

    Having returned from a long holiday I have been very pleasantly surprised by the many improvement to the course.Well done committee for all your efforts.

  2. Les Robinson

    Andy send me your e.mail address in order to bring history and
    golf officials up to date – or visit me to transfer the details yourself
    keep up the good wirk!

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